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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

I can still hear my dad's Tennessean drawl telling me this. Boy, did it work for me today! I report back to school next week, so y'all know I am up to my eyeballs in printing, lamination, and sheet protectors.
Now, I teach at an itty bitty Christian school. I am THE ONLY kindergarten teacher. This is my first year teaching kindergarten in a while and this school has never had a kindergarten grade level before now. I got mountains of work ahead of me, people!
I am blessed to have a Sam's Club right down the road from my school. I got a membership at Sam's Club because, BECAUSE of their amazing price on laminating pouches. 
$20.86 for a pack of 200!!! 
Seriously, no one could even come close to that price- even online!

I have faithfully purchased several at least one pack each time I went to Sam's Club. Fast forward to July, 2013. I popped in to Sam's to purchase at least one several packs of laminating since my prep work is really kicking into gear for Back to School time. You know what I found?
A big ole empty spot where my laminating pouches used to be. Whaaaaaattt?!?! Oh, nonononononono, this can't be. Not now!
Come to find out, Sam's Club has pulled this item off the shelves.
They now only offer it online. Ha! Now scroll back up to that pic and  tell me what you see next to the words "Online Order Only". I'll wait....

Yep, ain't that a cruel joke? OUT OF STOCK
Seriously, my heart fell down into my shoes. Okay, I'm barefoot right now, but you know what I mean. A big ole heart puddle right there on the carpet. I could cry.

Enter, Mike Molesso. After leaving a complaint word of my concern on the Sam's Club website I got an email from this Scotch 3M rep stating that he comes from a long line of teachers and knows the struggle we have providing for our kididdles.
He informed me that Sam's Club and Scotch 3M are testing their laminating products on the shelves and apologized for any inconvenience.
He then OVERNIGHTED this pack for free!  
The squeaky wheel got the grease today! After my review on Sam's Club website re: laminating, the 3M folks OVERNIGHTED these goodies to my house and offered to send a goodie pack to the school! Wow! Now, if they can sell the 200 packs at a comparable price to the Royal Sovereign brand they will win over a lot of teachers! Spread the word!!! Thanks, Mr. Mike Molesso! :)
He also offered to send goodies to my school.
What an incredibly nice gesture!
I was amazed- especially in this day and age of non-existent customer service!

Now, I'm not sure what price they are putting on their 200 packs.
I can only find the 50 count packs listed for Sam's Club- and they ain't cheap.
Anybody else feel a sense of foreboding deep in the pit of their stomach?
I'm used to buying the 200 packs and I really hope they put those on the shelf for us.
I fervently hope that it will be comparable to the Royal Sovereign price of $20.86. as well!

If so, spread the word about the nice folks at Scotch 3M (Thanks, Mike!) and look for them on a Sam's Club shelf near you.
If not, here's a link to the Royal Sovereign website and their product on Amazon to get your laminating fix. :)
Do you have a great resource for laminating pouches? Please, share!!!!