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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome To School- Developmental Centers

Puzzles and Games
I set out a few, very simple and sturdy wooden puzzles in the beginning of the year. I make sure to explain that if a puzzle is unable to be completed before cleanup time, the pieces should be placed on the puzzle base they belong to and placed on the shelf rather than attempt to slide it in the puzzle rack. Poor little things can get so frustrated with this task! They try so hard to do it "just right". :)

Sparklebox has a fantastic visual step by step for how to complete a puzzle! Sparklebox also includes directions on how to shrink their items so you can print multiple pages on one sheet. This is very helpful if you want to conserve ink and paper. Their items are fantastically full color! I sized this one to print two to a page so I can post them above the puzzle shelf for reference. I may also go ahead and print them full size to make into a book to include in the center for reading across the curriculum! :D

Sand Table
Love me some Sparklebox! They have a set of sand table rules and reminders. Oh yeah!

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