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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome To School- Arrival Activities

Welcome to School Arrival Activities

Mrs. Williamsons Kindergarten blog has a cute Pirate themed color by color word code printable if you would like to set out a quiet activity to focus little ones and anchor them (haha get it?) while you are busy greeting and helping others get settled and... and... and... ;) She has printables for K, First and Second grades.

Make your Sign-In a learning opportunity! Use a pocket chart to focus on a different letter each day (after plenty of modeling and practice, of course). Have the kids place their name under the appropriate heading: Do you have an (A) in your name? Yes/No
Change to a different letter each day.

This transitions very well into a Letters in Our Name Class Book. Cut up an alphabet line or poster to make a page for each letter of the alphabet. Title each page, "Look who has a (letter) in their name!" Then type each corresponding student's name on the page and highlight the featured letter. Be sure to include a picture of the students for those very emergent or ELL readers. If no one in your class has a particular letter in his/her name, still include the page, but leave it blank!
You could make this book interactive and include it in your ABC Work Station by including a magnifying glass and a deck of letter cards to pull from. The kids have to search through the book (great beginning "reference book" skill practice) and find the students who have that letter in their name. For older kids, you could have them record their findings on this sheet:

If you don't mind having family members come into the classroom during the first few days of school (sometimes it's necessary for those really extreme cases!) have a bit of play dough out on trays and invite that parent to spend a few minutes squishing and pounding the dough with their child. The active engagement and physical activity can help ease those first day jitters. Just be sure that the child doesn't begin to think that throwing a royal fit will get them their way! ;P Of course, if you have an aide, you or he/she could sit with the child and begin forming a trusting bond of your own. 

Pledge/Focus Activities
KinderKorner has an adorable poem that would make a great focus pledge to get kids in the right frame of mind every morning. I made a printable of it here using Lettering Delights Paper and Pea Cassie font by Kevin and Amanda:

KinderKorner also has a heartwarming poem for your self-portrait displays. I made a keepsake/portfolio page with the poem on the bottom using a frame from Lettering Delights:

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