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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Small Blocks or Construction Center "I Can" Posters

Have you heard of Sparklebox? It's a fantastic site from across the pond! Seriously, when I found it I spent WEEKS downloading stuff like crazy. My hubby was truly concerned. Oh, well! :D

They have an ahhhhhhmazzzzzzzzing set of beautifully illustrated  "I Can" posters for your Legos and other small building manipulatives. I plan on making them into a book to make it a little less space consuming and connect reading into THAT area. :P
See how pretty?

Some of the language and spelling patterns are different so you may want to A) either recreate  them or B) just discuss the differences with your kiddos. I know my kiddos always giggle when I bust out an accent. Then I end up giggling when I hear them imitate me. :D

To give you an idea of just how fast you should get to hoppin' and downloading this set of posters, here are SOME of the "I Can"s:
  • I Can choose what I want to use.
  • I Can write a label for my model.
  • I Can tidy (tee hee) away what I used.
Oh, BTW this is FREE! Now, not everything on Sparklebox is completely free. They would like you to sign up for their toolbar to have full access. That's up to you. What they do have for free is a gracious plenty and well worth the visit!

Happy I Can-ing!

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