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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday Theme Book List Wordle

I was afraid of this! I had seen the buzz about Wordle and I knew that if I went there I would be hooked- and boy, was I right! After making several lovey dovey ones for the house. :) I started making Theme Unit Book List ones and I LOVE it! As I am Slowly, Slowly,
Slowly Said the Sloth adding to my themes section in my blog, you will see them appear. (I am struggling with how to organize/add to my pages-that's what's taking so long!)
Love reading other blogs, too-even if I may be way late adding to them! I guess great minds think alike, though because just after I finished making several book list wordles, I was catching up on my Google Reader posts (over 400! I am so behind) and saw this post asking for your favorite Birthday Books! PERFECT!

Click below if you would like a copy of this Wordle for your very own!

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