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Friday, July 1, 2011

Transitions Linky Party

Little Miss Kindergarten has a great Linky Party topic: Transitions!

There are lots of great ideas already, but I'm sure you've got something to add. Hop on over and check it out!

Here are my ideas:

  • Music, music, music! If you've seen me in action, you've heard us singing! I love music. I love how it is catchy and positive and sticks in your head. I love how effortless it is. I love how engaging it is! Dr. Jean is my all-time favorite. If you don't know her, or have absolutely all of her CD's, click on the pic NOW! Then come back. :)

She also has a fantastic new blog- go be her friend! She's really nice!

  • We've Got Skills: I also love using basic skills as transition activities. I make books out of the kids' addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, first names, last names, etc. (Remember to hand out these pages to the kids at the end of the year or shred them for safety!) Of course, we sing a song that goes with each book. Phone numbers to the tune of The Muffin Man or addresses to the tune of Jingle Bells...As I flip the pages, the kiddos see their information and line up or take a bathroom break, etc.
Here's a copy of one of the books and some ideas for differentiation throughout the year.
I kept it as a Word Document so that you can change it to suit your needs.
Okay, so Blogger is being temperamental and won't let me add the pic or link my text.
Grrr... here's the link in gobbledy gook:
I Say You Say Book
This is sooo not an original idea. It's from an amazing Early Childhood Educator friend of mine. :)
  • Make it Thematic: As you are moving from one place to another, pretend you are Native Americans looking for Turkeys- you must be quiet and watchful as you move so you can sneak up on one! Pretend you are walking on marshmallow or eggs and you do not want to break them! Pretend you are Ice Skating during a Winter theme- hands behind your back and watch for the teacher to lead the line in wide, graceful circles, etc. If you are stuck in the hallway, have the kids watch you as you step to different square tiles. They must shift the line to match the square you are on. Go fast, go slow. Have fun with it! This idea got me published one year. *Toot!Toot! *(That's me tooting my own horn) :P

  • Timers: I have horrible time management skills. I am an extremely visual learner so if I'm not constantly watching the clock, it's out of my head and who can watch a clock with 24 K Kiddos?! I use timers that beep, flash lights, make funny sounds, chime, etc. I try not to use flashing classroom lights or the nerve-grating egg timers that are shrill and can frighten my little ones. Also, I ALWAYS give a 2 minute signal for the kiddos to have time to finish up or write their name if they've forgotten to do so and then we have the "Action" timer to clean up, move to a new area, etc.
That's all I can think of right now. Be sure to add your suggestions. I'm always looking for new ideas! Aren't we all???

Happy, Peaceful, Smooth Transitioning!

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