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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Themed Behavior Clip Charts

Have you seen the Clip Charts that are all the rage?  Check them out here at The Polka Dot Patch. She also has some very nice calendars and a parent letter, too. You can see some more examples here, and here. This is a simple management system to promote positive behavior developed by Rick Morris.
 You can read about it here.
I've made some thematic ones (okay I made a lot- I like to be prepared for any theme that catches my fancy!) and compiled the materials into an organization/ parent packet that includes the poster labels, a tracking form, parent letter, and a quick n' easy note home. I also made some matching pencil labels -or you can use them as stickers. I used clipart from DJ Inkers, Lettering Delights, and DigiWeb Studio.
Just click on the theme you like below.
Please let me know if you like them! :)

Bear Theme     Bear Labels
Castle Theme     Castle Labels
Coconut Monkey Theme     Coconut Monkey Labels
Cow Theme     Cow Labels
Crayon Theme     Crayon Labels
Frog Theme     Frog Labels
Frog Theme 2     Frog Labels 2
Frog N Monkey Theme     Frog N Monkey Labels
Frog N Monkey Theme w/ Awesome     (no need for different labels) :)
Giraffe Theme     Giraffe Labels
Gumball or Polka Dot Theme     Gumball Labels
Navy Theme     Navy Labels
Owl Theme     Owl Labels
Pumpkin Patch Theme     Pumpkin Patch Labels
Raccoon Theme     Raccoon Labels
Sailor Theme     Sailor Labels
Scarecrow Theme     Scarecrow Labels
Zebra Theme     Zebra Labels

***Update: OMG! Several of the theme packs were missing the "Think About It" label! It just up and disappeared on me. GGGGRRRRRROOOOOAAAAANNNNNN They are fixed now and I am SO SORRY if I wasted your time/ink. Please forgive me. :)***
Happy Clip Charting!


  1. Thanks for doing the themed clip chart. I just did a plain one but I like your themed charts better. My theme this year is frogs and monkeys so I am trying to figure out how to combine your two themes to fit my class. Thanks so much:)
    Kinders on the Block

  2. You are a girl after my own heart! I love frogs and monkeys, too! Let me see what I can do for you...


  3. Frog N Monkey themed Clip Chart is now on the list! Enjoy. :)


  4. Thank you so much. That was so unexpected that you would combine them for me.:) You're awesome!!
    Kinders on the Block

  5. And if it isn't too much trouble could I get one of the frog and monkey labels to say awesome instead of outstanding? I kind of changed the words because I love the word awesome, as you can tell from my previous post. Thanks so much!

    Kinders on the Block

  6. Amazing...thank you so much sharing so generously. I love what character the clipart adds to these charts. Might I suggest bees, ladybugs, or other bug friends? I downloaded the frogs...too sweet. But, my school also has a large Navy population...might want that instead! Decisions, decisions...
    Angela Just Love Teaching!

  7. I'm so flattered you guys like these! I love the buggy idea- I'll be getting on that in a few days so check back soon! :) I have added a Frog n' Monkey Chart with Awesome as requested. I like how it looks like it's emphasized a bit more than the others- good idea! Feel free to keep the requests coming. I need to feel like I'm contributing in some way while I'm waiting for my dream school to find me. ;) Enjoy!

  8. I love your themes!!!! I printed the frog theme but noticed that it does not have the label for Thinking about it.

  9. Boy, is my face red! I am so sorry I didn't catch that! Thank you oodles and bunches for letting me know. They should be fixed now.:)

  10. Thank YOU so much for creating them. I am not very creative so I am always thankful for those of you that are. Several teachers on my team are enjoying your themes too. :):)

  11. Thanks so much! I am using Dr. Seuss and created my own, but I switch between that and sailors so I downloaded the sailor theme for when I switch. I appreciate you!
    Kim at SaylorsLog

  12. Is it possible to get an editable version of the Owl theme? I love the design, but would like to personalize it a little more to fit our school expectations and guidelines.


  13. Hi Jillian,
    I would love to be able to share an editable version with you, but DigiWebStudio's Terms of Use for their clip art do not allow it. If you would like, I can try to make something that would meet your needs. Leave me your email and we can work out the details. Otherwise, the set that I got the owl from was Woodsy 3 from Whimsy Primsy on DigiWebStudio's website. It is currently $1. I found it easily by entering in "owl" in the search field. :)

  14. Love all of your themed clip charts! You mentioned that you make pencil labels or stickers to give at end of day, what are pencil labels? Also, do you have a gator theme clip chart?
    Thanks, Pam pks0221@suddenlink.net

  15. Thank you! The pencil labels are just Avery mailing labels wrapped around a pencil to make a little flag. You can find them on my TPT page (free). I don't have a gator themed chart... yet. Are you thinking alligators or University of Flordia? Go Gators! :)

  16. Got anything with a dog theme. I call my class The Coondogs because my name is Mrs. Coon. My entrance to my room is a wooden doghouse! I have paw prints all over my room.

  17. Check out my TPT page. Just click on the button for Teachers Pay Teachers located on the top left of this page. I just added it there. Enjoy! :)

  18. Thank you SO much for posting these Clip Charts- I have a monkey theme in my room and I wanted to step it up. I have started this in my room and it has been successful so far. I really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!