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Friday, July 22, 2011

Snack Procedure Sign

A fellow teacher asked about Snack time tips on Pre-K Pages' Facebook page. There were lots of good ideas.
I like to use small, lidded pitchers with juice, milk, or water and place them on a tray to contain spills.
I like the trays from Discount School Supply for this:
Click on picture for link.

 I have used these in the past from Lakeshore:
Click on picture for link.
 Set of 6 for $19.95

I also found these on Amazon for way cheaper: 
Pouring is a very important skill for children to practice. I think the downfalls of messy spills are outweighed by the independence gained when this skill is mastered. However, I also believe that if a child spills, they should also be allowed the opportunity to clean it up- not as a punishment!!!- as a responsibility. Of course, helpers are always welcome. :)
Be sure to have cleaning supplies handy like a dish of soapy water (changed out at least daily) and sponges or rags as well as small dustpans and brooms. You can get all of that at the Dollar Store.

Here is a procedure sign to promote independence during snack time. It's also a great way to use ordinal numbers! Please leave a comment below if you like it.
Click on picture for link.

Here are some snack counting signs. I put mine on book rings to make an easy flip book. This helps kids practice one to one correspondence and counting skills.
Click on picture for link.
In the beginning, you mayare not grabbing handfuls of Cheez-Its instead of counting.
Yes, I'm speaking from experience! :D

Happy Snacking!

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