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Friday, July 29, 2011

Lettering Delights Sale!

Do you love the fonts and clipart you've been seeing on cute projects and freebies in blogland? Want 'em for your very own?
Hurry over to Lettering Delights! They have an unbelievable sale going on right now. Lots of great stuff for 50 cents!!!  The sale ends Sunday, July 31 so hop over in a hurry!

I emailed them about their terms of use (I don't speak "legalese" so I do this a lot) and got a super quick and kind reply that said:
"If you create items, using our products, for your classroom and share with a few teachers, that is just fine. However, once you start to sell those items you have created, then you would need to purchase the commercial version of our products. If there is a product you want to you that does not have a commercial version, please let us know and we will create it for you (there are a few restrictions like 3rd party artist products, etc - we will let you know if you request one of these). If you purchase a product with a regular license and then later want a commercial license, you will need to repurchase the commercial version.

The cost of the commercial version is very reasonable at $12.95."
That IS reasonable! Hop over to Lettering Delights, sign up for their newsletter, and get some great free stuff as well! Become an affiliate, put their button on your blog, and let everyone know about this fantastic company!
Happy (super cheap) Shopping!

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