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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Day of School Beginning-Middle-End Journal Page


posted a very cute idea for recording First Day of School Memories.

It's a neat little graphic organizer/ journal page/ keepsake for their Portfolio using Beginning, Middle, End. For older students, have them draw, then write sentences about their day. For younger ones, you could either have them dictate or cut off the bottom and just have them draw.

I loved the idea so I made lots of 'em to match different themes. Remember, my interests tend to hop around a lot? So, I needed them to match all possibilities. :D
Hers has the cutest kid clipart so hop over there to download it. I have included some of the themes here for free, but you can access ALL SORTS of themes- over 46 pages! -
on my TPT page.

Here are some free ones!
Air Force Theme

Army Theme

Flag and Ship

Owl Theme

Explorer Theme

Marine Theme

Navy Theme or Sailor Theme

Camping Theme

Happy Keepsaking!

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