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Monday, June 20, 2011

Test Your Volcano Knowledge | Worksheets | Education.com

Check out www.education.com for tons of activities and worksheets listed by grade level, topic, and sub-topic! The activities look like a great learning-at-home connection resource. Many of the worksheets can be tweaked into hands-on activities. I love how clear and child-friendly the pictures are on the worksheets. It can be time-consuming looking around for the perfect picture that is cute AND accurately depicts the concept you want to teach!

I especially like the Kindergarten Science sheets that are designed to label the parts of animal, insects, plants, etc. I'm thinking of enlarging and using these as a document camera center, themed word wall resource, velcro/felt board center, or making a scramble and fix activity for whole group/partners. Check out this one: Test Your Volcano Knowledge Worksheets Education.com. Great for a Hawaiiana or Dinosaurs theme!

Another feature I really like is the ability to rate each item. You can see the average rating and how many people have rated the item. You can also share directly to Facebook, Blogger, etc!

Lastly, each sheet has the option to leave a comment or read comments others have made. For me, the Alphabet maze sheets had a few confusing letter sounds (soft G, long U sound picture icons) so I left a comment. Hopefully, these will be changed or another sheet can be designed to offer one for each sound.
Hint, hint! :D

Happy Saving and Tweaking!


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