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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Looking for an easy way to track, record, and communicate?

Check out http://www.preschoolbuddy.com/. This is a comprehensive web-based system that allows you to keep track of student info., attendance, progress reports, fundraising, plan and share lesson plans, etc.
It also allows parents to be "plugged in" to the classroom by sharing lesson plan info., pictures that are relevant to their family, newsletters, calendars, tuition, and much more. What a breeze for a home preschool or director! Imagine not having to send home all those notes that end up on the sidewalk, bus floor, or back of the minivan! The basic package is $19/month and the Pro package is $39/month.
Kinda pricey, but when you think about all the time, effort, and the cost for an accountant- worth it! :D

Happy Eco-Friendly, Less Time Spent Doing Admin Stuff, Teaching!


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