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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gift or Fundraising Idea

Have you checked out KevinandAmanda.com??? They have the most adorable fonts and doodles for FREE! Even better, they WANT you to use their fonts on your blog and projects you make. You can even sell these projects using thier fonts! A GREAT website.

Anyway, I was on KevinandAmanda.com looking at drooling over their FREE fonts when I had a thought: wouldn't this be a great parent gift?

So I searched their page to find out just how you submit your handwriting to make your own font and found out that, unfortunately, they are so blessedly busy, they cannot guarantee that fonts will be made by a certain time, and there is no guarantee that your font will be chosen to be made. *sigh* They did, however, offer an alternative site, www.yourfonts.com.
This one will make a font in minutes! BUT, you have to pay for it: about $10 bucks, currently. Let's see, $10 X 30 students = way to rich for my blood! Still, it's a nice idea for a fundraiser or at least give parents the option to make their child's handwriting a font they can use and keep forever. :)

Happy Font Making!

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