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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finding a Job... Again

Being a Navy wife has a lot of perks. I get to travel to far off, exotic places. I get to experience new cultures and a wide range of teaching populations. I get to try yummy food! I get to change locations and try something new every few years. However, that is also the main drawback to being a Navy wife.
It's difficult to establish a reputation, continue my Professional Development, and keep my certifications and licenses current while I am out of the area. Oh, the luxury of being in the same classroom year after year and decorate it as my own. (sigh) . You go WHERE the Navy tells you WHEN the Navy tells you. That is often in the middle of February! Grrrr....
This makes it difficult to get a job. I am constantly updating my resume, requesting transcripts to be sent to potential employers, tweaking my teaching portfolio, copying, scanning, and sending my credentials to school district offices, etc. I have been pretty good about scanning all important documents to my computer so that I would at least have a copy of it if (Heaven forbid) the movers lose my portfolio, or it gets damaged along the way. Now, there is a place I can keep these documents online in Portfolio format! FREE!!!
Check out http://www.portfoliogen.com/. You can upload important documents, pictures, etc. onto your very own Portfolio Web Page. I'm excited to be able to include this in my Letter of Introduction and applications for employment. Uber impressive, don't ya think? ;)

Happy Webpaging!


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